Are you playing?

In TWO... Mic drop! 🎤 I am the Wordle Whisperer. I am an expert because I have been playing for a few weeks now. That makes me an expert, right? 🤓 Hello and welcome to the tips, tricks, and helpful hints Wordle Edition featuring Wordle Expert... ME! I am here to help you become a … Continue reading Are you playing?


Does this even need a title?

This looks normal... right? 😆 Me (Text)- hey u knocked over the light Oldest- I didn't hit anything at least I don't think I did Me- Takes picture Oldest- What's wrong with the picture? Me- Rolls eyes to the back of my head Never a dull moment... -tm

I like maybe

Photo by SHVETS production on Annnnnd... We're back! Okay, maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm back and you're wondering who's "we" because this may be the first time you've been here. Can I use more may... maybe... may be(s) in one continuous thought? Apparently, the answer is YES. And for the record, maybe *there … Continue reading I like maybe